Connie Glueck, Our Very Own Ultraman Florida Superstar

Connie Glueck

Last weekend, Connie Glueck (Heritage Humane Society volunteer and supporter), participated in and COMPLETED a 3-day Endurance Event. On the 1st day, she had a 6.2 mile swim followed by a 94 mile bike ride. On the 2nd day, she had a 171 mile bike ride. On the 3rd day, she had a 52.4 mile run. Total Distance = 321.6 miles. Incredible job, Connie!

She told our team, “Before I started the event, I knew I wanted to donate a dollar to Heritage Humane Society for every mile I completed. I am happy and proud to say I completed the whole event, so therefore, I would like to present a check for $321.00! My family, crew, and thinking about all of my fur babies at home were my inspiration. They make me so happy and I am so glad I can give back to Heritage for all the love they have given me through my awesome kitties.”

Thank you so much to Connie for your amazing efforts, and your ongoing support as a volunteer and contributor. We are in awe of what you do! Thank you!