We Have the Perfect Career Cat for You!

Did you know?

Not every cat is meant to snuggle in your lap. Some are much happier being pest control. That’s where we come in. The Career Cat Program finds local barns, warehouses, wineries and distilleries, greenhouses and residential homes willing to adopt our furry friends. At their new homes, these cats have the freedom to roam around while chasing down unwanted rodents in their free time, resulting in a win-win scenario for both the owner and cat.

To find your perfect match, email CareerCat@HeritageHumaneSociety.org or fill out the form at the bottom of the page. 

What You Need To Get Started:

  • Some sort of shelter, whether it be a barn, granary, shed or even your house
  • Adequate food and water for the cat, which cannot sustain itself by simply catching rodents
  • Ability to pay for long-term veterinary care if needed
  • A secure place to keep them for the first two to three weeks as they become acclimate
  • All career cat adoption fees are waived to make the process affordable
  • If needed, acclimation setup for the first three weeks is provided, which includes a crate, litter, a litter pan, dry and canned food, bowls and blankets to assist in cat care
  • All career cats come vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and ear tipped or microchipped
  • Transportation or arranging a designated meeting location is available for adopters farther away
  • HHS Medical Team Manager, Catherine Watts lends her advice and expertise to help foster a smooth transition

Not Sure About Adopting A Career Cat?

So you’re not quite ready to bring home a career cat. That’s OK! There are plenty of other ways to help take care of these cats, the biggest of which is donating to the Career Cat Program.

Did you know the average medical costs to prepare a career cat for its new home is almost $200? This does not include the supplies we provide the adopter or the transportation costs associated with the adoption.

Making a donation to Heritage Humane Society’s Career Cat Program helps find homes for cats that may have behavioral problems or have not succeeded with the traditional adoption process.

Your donation could provide one of our career cats a new chance at life. You could help save the next cat. To donate, click here.

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