Heritage Humane Society Introduces the 12 Strays of Christmas

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Highlighting Overlooked Cats and Kittens this Holiday Season
12 Strays of ChristmasThis holiday season, Heritage Humane Society is highlighting 12 overlooked cats and kittens featured in the 12 Strays of Christmas promotion, and are pulling out all the stops to find as many cats homes prior to the holidays. During the 12 Strays of Christmas Adoption Promotion, Heritage Humane Society is completely waiving the adoption fee on featured cats and kittens, and taking 50% off all feline adoption fees.

Studies show more families adopt pets during December than any other time of the year. Heritage Humane hopes to capitalize on this and send as many cats and kittens home as possible before the New Year, especially some of those who have been overlooked and waiting the longest.

“The holidays are a fantastic time to reach out and save the life of a homeless pet,” said Kimberly Laska, Executive Director of Heritage Humane Society. “This is a perfect time of year to introduce a new pet into your home. Families are together. People are home on vacation, school is out. What better time to bond with your new family member!”

The adoption fee for adult cats is reduced from $75.00 to $37.50 and kittens adoption fees are reduced from $100.00 to $50.00. The reduced adoption fees includes spay/neuter surgery, wellness exam, deworming, basic feline vaccines, and a microchip (a value of over $300.00).

“We have a few cats who spent last Christmas alone here at Heritage Humane Society’s animal shelter,” said Laska. “We would love to see these guys spend this holiday season with their new families.”

The 12 Strays of Christmas Cat and Kitten Promotion
Dec. 15 though Dec. 31, 2016
Heritage Humane Society
430 Waller Mill Rd
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Heritage Humane Society is a local, independent, open-admission shelter that strives to find homes for every healthy, adoptable pet that comes through their doors, and receives over 90% of their funding through private donations. To learn more please visit www.heritagehumanesociety.org.