winifredThere is no magic formula guaranteeing an amount of time it will take to potty train your dog. Puppies learn at different rates and no two pups are alike. It’s easier when you have two or more pups at the same time since they will learn from watching each others’ behavior. As a general rule, larger dogs will take longer to learn than smaller breeds because they take more time to mature. Remember that you will need lots of patience and lots of time spent with your pup if you want them to learn quickly.

If you live with or are working with a scared or shy dog or cat, this is the place to find information to help you be more effective in rehabilitating your dog or cat.

You will find products and services that are available to help with the process, along with groups, message boards and websites that can offer support and advice.

More Info on Fearful Dogs
How to Socialize a Shy Dog

The pet socialization period occurs during the early weeks of your pet’s life. During this period, he learns how to interact appropriately with other animals and people.

Volunteers are always needed for pet socialization time. Spend the best hour of your day playing with our dog and cats. For more information please call (757) 221-0150.

Pet Socialization

For additional pet information and animal care tips, visit the Pet Education website linked below.